SITE AUDITS: The comprehensive knowledge and experience that we have at S&J Synergy allows us to help and improve your present on-site waste collection systems. We will advise you on how to improve waste segregation and bulking up on your site and in return this will see not only an improvement to your on-site efficiency, but we will ensure your waste is being taken down the most cost effective route and as far up the waste hierarchy as possible.
ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT: We will audit your present on-site waste treatment processes and disposal routes to ensure that you are undertaking these tasks in line with environmental compliance and legislation.
YOUR DIFFICULT PRODUCTS: Have you got waste that currently goes to landfill because a greener alternative cannot be found? At S&J Synergy we have a comprehensive network of contacts covering a whole raft of industries. Through this network we will take your waste and look to find an alternative route that will not only improve your recycling potential but could result in bringing significant savings for your business.
RECOMMENDATIONS AND SUPPORT: Following the undertaking of a site audit and the subsequent recommendations that S&J Synergy propose, we will ensure that through our interactive support and hands on approach your targets and goals are reached and made sustainable.